If you’re not listening and dancing
It’s abuse
Your stomach knows when it needs food
Your children know when they need nourishment
And they’ll tell you if you’d listen
Mr. Jesus died holier than thou
ALL abuse will take you to hell
A deeply personal painful hell
Right here
Parallel to this life
Don’t you see it’s happening right now?
Karma doesn’t tally over the years and assess evil on a tipping scale
There are far too many deformed fetuses for that nonsense
We don’t live in a simple world
Where I sin and you’re forgiven
It’s a messy, messy ever-changing growth-fest
Without heavenly oversight
And if you wait for Armageddon or the rapture you’ll have missed the whole point
You’ve got to be willing to set the crutches aside and start putting pressure on that foot again
Because the way we treat ourselves and others has vast consequence
In an age of rapid replication
When one bad day can ripple across the internet, around the world
We’d best be learning to dance again
With ourselves first
Learn your own body, mind, tendencies
And learn to play well with others
Love smarter
Learn more
Be willing to see another perspective
So we can all dance