Sleep, Affection

I took a 4.5-hour nap this afternoon. I knew I felt tired this weekend but I didn’t know I was THAT tired! This was after sleeping nearly 10 hours last night as well…looking back at my sleep journal, I had been running a deficit all but one night the past 2 weeks so I guess I had it coming. My friend Dimitry has logged his sleep hours for the past few years and can predict illness a few days out from sleep loss. I have not been actually sick all year so far, which I credit to my insistence on taking crazy naps when I feel tired.

I’ve been reading Cesar Millan’s “Cesar’s Way”, about dog training (the Dog Whisperer). What he says about giving affection to animals is really relevant to human relationships as well. I realized today I’ve done a disservice in some of my dating in the past couple of years by not asking certain men what they need/what they’re looking for before showering them with affection. I suppose this is out of insecurity that they might say “not you!”. But wouldn’t that be nice to know up front? :)

“Love is not meant to enhance instability. Love is meant to reward stability, to take us to a higher level of communication. Just like in the human world, in the dog world love means something only if it is earned.” That Cesar is a smart man.