RESULTS: No more glasses?

The eyes have been tested and…


Science sucks, haha. :-p

Contacts are back in today. I can see clearly now…

My 30-day experiment has unfortunately countered the claims put forth in this document:

Not only did I not get a 1 point vision improvement per week, I got NO points improvement in 4 weeks.

So what did I learn?

  • Improving eye muscle function by doing 10-15 minutes of eye exercises per day does not seem to have any impact on the vision over 30 days
  • Not wearing corrective lenses does not contribute to eyes developing stronger vision on their own over 30 days
  • Sharper vision gives more details of objects, therefore more to scrutinize for an over-analytical person. I found that my self-scrutiny decreased and my confidence in public generally increased when not correcting my vision. There may be some times in the future when I will purposefully not wear my contacts/glasses for this reason.
  • I am even skeptical that focusing exercises will work now, given my zero improvement overall, when many of the 30 days were done with focus exercises that caused eye watering & tension headaches.

Time to start saving for laser eye surgery :-)