Day 22/23: No more glasses

Day 22: Still doing all eye exercises. Did near/far at night before bed. Did not leave house today except a couple hours in morning to drive to drop off C at school and attend a meeting. Used low correction glasses.

Day 23: Wore real glasses at comedy improv. Felt way too sharp at first but eyes adjusted after 15 mins or so. I feel like I might have some slight improvement in vision coming, but probably less than one point. Will be very curious to get my eye exam results in about a week!


You want to topple my skyscrapers
Because I blew my breath across your sores
I’m a dark empty void inside
So crawl on in
And sit with yourself for a while

Who’s the next clown
To show up for this circus?
I can’t believe I was silent for nine years
I have so many goddamned things to say
You gave me a bullhorn
That was really stupid

Now we can just paint the planet
Black and blue
Over all the red we already splashed
And beat the hell out of anyone
Who can’t see us for who we are

Yes, it feels good
To engage in the rage today
This is not the time to be civil
In the aftershocks

Day 20/21: No more glasses

Day 20: Wore low correction glasses out-and-about today, for most of the day.

Day 21: Eyes felt super blurry after yesterday’s glasses-wearing. Don’t know if eyes got lazy in one day or if it’s just the contrast that makes me feel twice as nearsighted.

I also notice that the eyes seem to water more when straining to focus far into the distance. This seems like a sign of progress, or at least change! Otherwise, not feeling super optimistic that 20/20 vision can be achieved in the next 9 days. Also, more time spent on laptop makes distance objects appear even more blurred. Extra laptop usage today.

If it’s worth considering in this experiment, I’m coming down with a throat infection today. I can feel it, a little raw.

Did 1×100 near-far focus on each eye. Left eye bothered a bit.

Staying Awake

Not too tired this evening to dream
To wake up while walking and
Shatter the dead illusion
That is this moment
And smile at a stranger
On the street
As if they bought a ticket for this party
And we’re all gonna have fun here
Not falling dronely into step
With the rhythms of my past five years
What can I do tonight
To move in the direction
Of awesome?

Day 19: No more glasses

The more time I spend with the laptop it seems the less progress I feel I’m making in the “real world” improving my vision.

Wore low-correction glasses for a couple hours today. I can see “perfectly” well when I wear them, must be the left eye is overcompensating. This may explain the headache I have today above the left eye.

Today I noticed that riding my bike to work I simply didn’t “try” to see objects in the distance. I narrowed my world down to what I could see around me, and accepted everything else as blurry. I had to coach myself to try to focus on a faraway object.

I think my right eye is getting lazy. I will try to do more with it tomorrow to wear it out a bit. Only 10 days until my 30-day eye exam!

Day 17/18: No more glasses

Day 17: Worked a concert festival as a security guard all day. Borrowed housemate A’s glasses, which were about 1 point strong. They were strong enough that I could see perfectly well with both eyes, blurry but not terrible through just the right eye. I will be keeping these glasses with me for the remainder of the experiment for driving and necessary glasses tasks. I had forgotten about the experiment’s recommendation to wear glasses at least 2 points weaker than your eyes.

Day 18: Did my eye exercises as a lead-in to a full-body yoga routine which my body needed SO badly. Went the whole day with no glasses. No headaches. Still not doing any strict near/far focus exercises :-/

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Protest away, San Francisco!

Day 15/16 of 30: No more glasses

Day 15: sucked. everything felt fuzzier than usual. bad attitude. horrible headache. Eyes hurt. happens to coincide with a hormonal change?

Day 16: Still feeling really fuzzy, like no improvement in vision at all. Realized I had been leaving out 2 exercises the past week or so by not using my list when doing the exercises. I am also not doing the 100 near-far exercises in one sitting, I am mostly just trying to focus on distant objects when out and about. Not sure if being rigid about this exercise helps. Perhaps I will re-incorporate the rigid 3×100 near-far exercises again tomorrow.

Also was challenged by a colleague to learn to not only cross my eyes but make them both go to opposite corners at the same time. Now that is a challenge!