Day 20/21: No more glasses

Day 20: Wore low correction glasses out-and-about today, for most of the day.

Day 21: Eyes felt super blurry after yesterday’s glasses-wearing. Don’t know if eyes got lazy in one day or if it’s just the contrast that makes me feel twice as nearsighted.

I also notice that the eyes seem to water more when straining to focus far into the distance. This seems like a sign of progress, or at least change! Otherwise, not feeling super optimistic that 20/20 vision can be achieved in the next 9 days. Also, more time spent on laptop makes distance objects appear even more blurred. Extra laptop usage today.

If it’s worth considering in this experiment, I’m coming down with a throat infection today. I can feel it, a little raw.

Did 1×100 near-far focus on each eye. Left eye bothered a bit.