BART Information Security Breach

You may have heard this week about the Anonymous hacktivist group that hacked into BART’s website and published name, phone numbers, addresses and emails for some 2400 BART customers (in retaliation to BART’s anti-protest moves). This had a lot of public transportation riders worried about their information security (

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer peace of mind to your employees/contractors, so that in case of an identity theft they would have attorneys on-call and 50 hours of an investigator’s time to completely restore their identity?

Pre-Paid Legal (about to be re-branded in September) currently protects over 1.5 million families with this service for around a dollar a day, and has a reduced-rate plan for groups. 

Why should you offer a legal/identity theft plan to your employees? Less stress and time off from the job to address common life events, including: 

  • Will Creation
  • Living Wills
  • Identity Theft Issues
  • Home Foreclosures
  • Estate Issues
  • Family Law
  • Contractor Disputes
  • Theft
  • Mortgage Issues
  • Auto Purchase or Rental
  • Tax Problems
  • Debt collection
  • Wrecks
  • Tickets

Note: Pre-Paid Legal also gives your company the option of adding an amendment to the plan which prevents employees from using their membership for any employer/employee-related matter.

We have a nationwide network of high quality law firms, carefully screened, selected, and monitored (over the past 40 years) to ensure the highest standard of customer service is given to each and every Member. And we partnered with the leading risk-management company for identity theft investigative services.
Many large and small employers already offer this valuable benefit to their employees.
For more information, or for an on-site presentation of benefits, please email Christina McKinstry (legalsf at
Protest away, San Francisco!