Things I’m Not Doing Yet

Flowers In Your Hair Business at Fisherman's Wharf

Publishing Poetry

Twitter Business Pancake Cart

Opening Massage Clinics in other cities

Making a hard-rock/Carpenters music album

Learning to be a DJ

Learning to be a bartender

Planning elaborately themed nightclub parties

Designing and sewing clothes

Writing an autobiography

Community organizing

Setting up a free popcorn stand in front of my house once per month

Getting new tattoos

Immersing myself in spiritual readings 15 minutes daily and doing yoga

Mailing random gifts/letters/cards to people I love and care about

Drinking more Tulsi Tea

Throwing dinner parties

Meeting more cool San Francisco friends

Making my body look awesome and throwing hammer/discus weekly

Going out dancing weekly (or at least monthly)

Organizing community service projects weekly (or volunteering 2 hours/week)

Teaching yoga

Open Forever

I'm ready now to stay open
The nail has been driven
Through my palm
It will never close tightly again
Around the wrists of those I love
I am enough
Just giving love
And watching what unfolds
In the only way it can
What made me think
I knew what was best for myself?
I laugh at the thought
God has always provided enough for me
Today is not different
Love rules eternal
And forever

Reckless at Heart

I'm not good at protecting my heart
I love like the sunshine
Strong, brightly, and forever
I'm not good at building a boat
That floats the ocean's currents,
And carries us into the sunset
But I can light your life and warm your heart
Until you retreat to the shade

And when I feel that sun upon MY skin
I shed all my layers
And bask until it gets too hot
And makes me sleepy
And colors me beautifully

Sometimes I get burned
Love weathers my skin
Leaving freckles
For the next admirer