Wish I had a bucket of zeal
I’d fling it across the universe
In dazzling colors and sparkles
It would fizzle and streak
And cause such delight

But alas
I am passionless
And empty
Sad and pondering
Feeling untugged

Is this a place of perfection?
Of forces balanced?
Or is this a place of stagnation?
A place to escape?

Or is my heart just resting
From last week’s attacks?
Does the zebra, once pounced
Ever feel safe standing still?

No longer wanting to play dead
Or crawl in a hole
I’m peeking around
And no one’s paying attention

Climbed to the top
And it’s lonely up here
Wanna make more connections
Give people what they need

Wanna find what consumes me
Wanna sing until I die
Wanna be happy forever
Wanna fly in the skies