More Arguments Against Reincarnation

I suppose I am still missing a crucial fact that will inevitably sway me toward an acceptance of reincarnation.

Having said that, here are more things that bother me about that theory.

One argument in favor is that people seem to be inequitably blessed or cursed in life. Some people (I include myself in this category) seem to have many factors aligned in their favor (health, family, talents, opportunity, etc.), while others suffer tremendously at every turn. Reincarnation supposes that those with bad luck somehow earned it by their actions in a prior life, and those with good fortune are being rewarded.

To me, this seems even more unfair than being born under poor circumstances by chance.

I think reincarnation is a way-too-human-centric theory to even be plausible. Most supporters insist that we come back as humans to learn the lessons we didn’t learn the first time around. This is also unfair because the game changes the next time around! How are we to win the race when we are given a new, unfamiliar vehicle to drive each time?

I don’t think the universe exists to systematically teach its parts to recognize the whole. Honestly I have no idea why this ever-expanding and collapsing system exists at all, much less why it has the patience to tolerate millions of years of evolving life-forms.

I am grateful for my experience as a human. It is, from my experience, one of endless introspection, thousands and thousands of days lived in relative comfort, leisure, and appreciation for the vast intricacy of the various levels and forms of energy which I am allowed to observe, sense, and experience. In essence, I am always in awe of my self and my surroundings!

Live your life with your heart and eyes wide open. I believe it is a once-in-an eternity opportunity.

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11 years ago

Great theory. I’m not a big fan on reincarnation at all because of the thought of losing memories, relationships, identities, and new age thinkers thinking my partner will be my dad in a next life O.o

Anyways, the only reason I wonder if it is true because people claim they remember lives..


What about those that die really young? They haven’t got a chance to live so if there is a heaven do they have any desire to want this human experience?

please let me know. I hope reincarnation isn’t true though, it just sounds messy and confusing imo.