One month on a food stamp budget – Week 1

I accepted a challenge to live off $200 for food this month: $25 for the week and $25 on weekends, for my bank accounts and my waistline.

The first day I discovered the local grocery store overcharged me on two items, so that was kind of satisfying to catch that.


On the other hand, my shopping cart looked way emptier after $25 than it had in over a year!

I’ve been, um, resourceful this week since I have other food I am still eating up. I think PB&J and noodles/meat would get old pretty fast otherwise. So I’ve mixed in small chunks of aged cheese for a filling “treat”, or used up my boxed soup for lunch. Cold soup is just as delicious btw!

Today I found protein bars on sale for $1 each so I bought 5. I’m finding I’m getting by on less carbs and more protein.

I’ve also been using my gym’s coffee shop, which is free and less crowded, compared to a chain store for wifi access.

So I’ve avoided a fair amount of extra calories from coffee shops, as well as even in grocery store checkout lines–no more impulse purchases!

Using my wonky bathroom scale I’m around 2 bills tonight, so all the more motivation to continue! I’m still healing from my ankle break, so diet will be key until I can push any vigorous exercise again.

Onto Day 4!