Planting Organic Seeds

Perhaps symbolically, all the leaves have fallen off my money tree so I’m pruning it and growing it again from nothing!

I really enjoyed a coaching session tonight with an entrepreneur in the organic farming field. Sharing about what I’ve been through helps me reaffirm the life choices I’m making now around money and my life’s work.

My business card has officially gotten out of control. I think I should just come up with a general title (name?) and link to one website or something that in turn lists everything else I do. The font is getting too small to list the emails and websites for everything from hike tours to small business coaching, pre-paid legal, sfsu coach, massage therapy, and soon-to-be certified astrologer. Goodness. Oops, I forgot yoga teacher. I get to observe my first in-jail yoga class for violent offenders next week before I begin teaching again.

My ambition to become more connected with family, community, and world is slowly but surely actualizing. I am enjoying feelings of expansion, resourcefulness, and service to others, as well as the pleasure of receiving the universe’s gifts. I am being moved by pleasure first, common sense second. Really open to what might be needed around me, and learning a lot.

Tired now, more to come…