Open Air (18/1000)

Enjoy where you get planted
On a ledge by a waterfall
Getting showered by the mist
While rainbows light the air
Sometimes you have to grin and bear it
When there’s no work to be done
Except a grounding and a listening
And peeking into wildflowers
There’s a whole new world inside
That you could lose yourself into
Spend the minutes counting money
Or the specks on monkey flowers
Is it really all the same?
Is the point just to be happy?
When there’s pride in small advances
What the mind and hands create
Where’s the pleasure in the pleasure?
Can I be happy with less and less?
Will the natural abundance
Ever compare to my mind’s treasures?
Simple thoughts thrown to the sky
I may be spinning but I’m fine
Soon enough I’ll come back down
And be the ringmaster again