Live Today (300/365)

How much time slips through young fingers
While we wait for inspiration,
Muddle through mediocrity,
Stuck in the imaginary web of our worries.
Just as words are forever, so are the actions we don’t take.
Regret is for the hasty and the timid alike.
“What would you attempt if you knew you would succeed?”
A caring word,
An action worthy of your talents.
Worry is a heavy suitcase.
Your talent is not a burden, it’s a chariot.
Sometimes God walks among men,
But his home is in the sky.

Others (299/365)

We're just starting to figure out
Who we really are
What motivates us
What moves us
We can talk so fast now
To so many others
Now we know what the rest of the world thinks
Was it a surprise?
Is the joke on you?
With the dissection of religion
What organs of truth will emerge?

Love Echo (297/365)

If you meet enough people
And listen to their stories
You will find the master key
That unlocks every door
You become like the sage
A participant, even puppet, of the drama
And an audience member at the same time
You begin to hear the same song
Playing over and over in the background
And become adept at predicting the notes
Then the question becomes
How much to interfere?
Is an echoing love dance the only efficient response?

Relate (294/365)

Limited minds
Need words for the limitless
We don't all relate to love the same way
We are both what we know and what we believe
But it's hard to name a set of beliefs
So when you talk, speak of love
And speak of your understanding
We are books with no covers
Just trying to relate

These Days (293/365)

These days
I can't imagine what thirty more years will bring
I've lived so many lives already
These days
I still take on too much
I need to be more sensitive to the balance
These days
Are nothing like I pictured they would be
What a thrill, what a life
These days