Zones (237/365)

Let us be known
Not for how we drag or push
But how we make room
For a soul to bloom
What is the key that unlocks their door?
Where are the wounds to their inner child?
Step aside and let the fresh breeze in
As gentle as palms on a crystal ball
Or a hand on the skin of a grieving friend
Guard my actions like my words
And know you are safe under my wing

Passion and Perfection (234/365)

Perfection without passion
Or passion sans perfection
Both are incomplete
But don't tell me perfect is a myth
That's something losers say
When they've failed along the way
Resurrect the vision
Up your dose of discrimination
Send your energy in the right direction
Perfection is a framework
That guides human effort
Ever striving, never despairing
Passion patches up the voids

Motivation (231/365)

What moves you?
Who is pushing or pulling?
What drives you on?
Who whispers in your ear,
Who tells you what success is
When to be happy
What hangs from the stick just out of reach?
Then who tells you you've failed?
Is it the truth?
Who withholds the prize?
What makes you feel angry and insufficient?
What holds you back?