Power of Love

You’ve got a power in you
It’s deep in your eyes
That power is in me
And in every sack of bones

Even when we are apart
I can feel your pain
And I can call across the universe
That I’m holding your shaking hand

I make love to the music
That swims in my body
And lets me hear your call
I just want to be close to you

Our hearts have a pull
Stronger than anything
Einstein could dream

I rest in your warm pulsing insides
And you dive in and out of mine
Romeo and Juliet must have known
Only in death are you truly one

These bodies keep us apart
So we bounce off each other
And resist the pulls that could
Tear us apart

In this wide, wide world
Of illusions and drama
Of jamming square pegs
Into round holes
And pouting when they pop out

All you need is love
It’s been said before
Everything else is false
And ugly
And drives us all apart.

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14 years ago

I always like reading what you've written, Chrissy.