I find I have a lot to be grateful for this week.

The feeling of the moist sea breeze on my skin when I go outside.

My budget of $80/week for food still makes me feel like I eat like a king. I love that I can have a few meals a week prepared for me and I am grateful every day for how well I get to eat.

I love that I have a warm shower at home to use anytime I want.

I’m grateful for a boss who actively works on communicating better with me, even when I get frustrated.

I’m grateul for a boyfriend who is busy enough with his own life so that I have the freedom to do the things I love to do. He is my rock, in the sense that I can always come back to find him when I tire of my adventures in the world. I used to think I wanted a boyfriend to share the city life with, but I’m realizing that if he wanted me to go out with him a few nights a week I would not be able to run my businesses and have the impact on other people that I am able to have.

Cheers to how lucky I am at 28 years old, and all that will come of the next year.