Having been hair-obsessed as long as I can remember, here a couple fun facts:

-Shininess, or light reflection, is what makes hair look healthy
-Hair is the first distinguishing feature people will recognize you by, explaining why some people OVERREACT when you change your hair

Bless the Day (49/1000)

They say character comes out most in a crisis
Well you got all my love, love, love
And I can’t have my sugar
I’ve been known to jump ship
For more stable ground
I’ve got enough vata to sail around the world
And your wind is blowing me in circles
So lie down now, sweet, sparkly, girl
You’ve done all you could do today
All the universe wanted you to do
It will never be enough for you
But then, you don’t really know what you want, do you?

Information Age (47/1000)

Why does he take up so much memory?
My RAM is shot
People meet with me
Just to hear the latest chapter
In my life story
Let's keep it interesting!
I remember a first young love
Holding hands in the school hallway
That was so easy
Unlike falling for a celebrity
The information gap is enormous
How much time would one need
To get to know YOU?
And would it ever feel fair?
I need to dive in and out of you at will
No use living so close to the ocean

Sweet Oxygen (46/1000)

You don't understand
How much strength
I've had to muster
Not to throw myself at you
And rest against you
Like a magnet
The hourly fight
To clear my brain of this
Murky flood
Is won only by distraction
Total immersion
In anything else
If I open the window
Just a crack
I drown again

Coming Down (45/1000)

Not sure what else to do
So I will write down some words
Need to focus this mind of mine
Need some routines
Some direction
Counting money was grounding today
God knows I can't be trusted to be
Responsibly emotional
So a clean room might be
The stable launching pad I need
For the days to come