Everything Has Evolved

I had a new thought today that everything is a product of Nature. It is interesting to think that if we do find other planets like Earth (see my Delicious link), that they have potentially evolved metal contraptions like cell phones and subway trains. It is cool to think of these things as not separate from Nature, but born OF Nature.
It is mind-blowing to think that life has evolved to create all the different languages, video games, music, etc. All these are a product of the Universe expanding. Wow!
I think sometimes we can get caught up in the thinking that we are somehow aliens on this planet and that our stuff is not natural. Everything is natural!
I heard a radio show where they were explaining how crop "circles" sometimes come out in the shape of the greek letter "pi." How weird is that? But it makes sense when you realize that that symbol is contained within Nature. Nature used humans to write the symbol "pi" over and over again. Perhaps these symbols, letters, numbers that we all use are not really our "inventions," so much as they are "inspirations." The crop circle explanation given was that extreme winds high up in the atmosphere gusted down and bent the crops into patterns.
Even if you aren’t impressed by that hypothesis, you must be humbled by the fact that symbols, words, and inventions like cars, internet, and rocket ships EVOLVED on planet Earth. Yes, our minds, hands, and bodies were involved, but our inventions, these things, in the end, are all just funny-looking children of Nature.