What Can You Make? – Forget China

Maybe we should just let China produce all the products, do all the large-scale manufacturing.

Perhaps it is a sign of civilization for a country to relinquish inhuman repetitive manufacturing labor and graduate to idea-making and love-infusion.

China wants to make its country a consumer economy, to have its people buy its stuff. Great! Let them!

Gone soon will be the days of ready-wear clothing, cheap knick knacks, products stamped out from molds. The products of the future will be one-of-a-kind customized for specialized needs. We might as well get a jumpstart on this now. What does this look like for you? Who (or what team of people) can make exactly what you need? Go find them, and put them to work. We will save more money in the end in higher quality products and less waste-management. Local money gets reinvested locally. Someone near you has a manufacturing talent you might not even know they have…just ask!

What can YOU make?