Symmetry and Comparison

Thinking about symmetry. How, when you start a relationship with someone, the starting energy tends to dictate the ending energy.  Fast to come….Fast to go.  Not quite right….not quite right. Imbalance….imbalance. Easy and fun…easy and fun.

It’s been said that we are attracted to people who are just like us, but handle the same situations the opposite way we would. We admire and are drawn to each other’s differences, as they could be complimentary should our strategies not succeed. I think it would be really hard to love and support someone who uses the opposite strategy you do!

I’m also meditating on the way we put some people up on pedestals and some people lower than us, and what an illusion that really is. If we could read each other’s thoughts, or walk in their shoes, our illusions would fall to the ground easily I think. I see this as I go grocery shopping in Burlingame, then step around a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk in Berkeley. The mind is always looking for clues that it is okay, or not okay, and its constant judgments can be really limiting if we buy them as reality and accept where that then places us in the scale/balance of those judgments. I prefer to live free–there is so much more potential/growth to be had instantly/now, in *not* placing yourself against others on a continuum of righteousness and judgement. We must never accept the limits of what our minds can imagine for us.