Not Going Crazy


I don’t think I can forgive PM for almost driving me crazy enough to want to move to Idaho. The same way I can’t forgive the Republican Party for nominating Sarah Palin. In both cases, it would have been so, so bad!! :-p

For my next iteration, I’m dreaming of a boy who won’t make me feel like writing poems. I think writing too many poems, at least for me, is a sign of mental illness at some point.

I haven’t felt the need to blog or journal or write poems in a couple months, and that’s a good thing.

I do like having my life somewhat journaled though, for future reference and entertainment.

For now, just enjoying the grind, enjoying driving/owning a car again (baby’s first car wash last Sunday!), and figuring out where to lay my head for the next year.

Feeling mostly optimistic, shadowed by concerns over atmospheric CO2, industrialized foods, and hormone changes in our environment. The usual.