Project Hippie Conversion declared completed

For some of you, your worst fears are realized: After 6 years living in San Francisco and now the East Bay, your friend/relative Christina is now admitting she is a full-fledged hippie.

Trust me, I’ve been fighting the conversion pretty hard, even throwing off my new hippie belt with big pockets at a party after feeling utterly ridiculous wearing it. But it really was inevitable.

For the past 2.5 years, I’ve been growing out my hair. I love my new longer locks.

I stop to dance in random public places, just because I feel like it.

I stopped wearing metal-based deodorants in favor of salt-based deodorants. I still think I mostly smell ok, hence I do not identify as a “dirty hippie.”

I don’t wear sunscreen, lotions, makeup, shampoo or condition my hair.

I sold all my metal jewelry this week and I gave away all my titanium cookware and bought/swapped for cast iron. I won’t be wearing earrings anymore except the wood variety.

I walk around barefoot. I’ve been barefoot now for 25 days straight and it feels amazing, especially in the rain.

I even hugged a tree this year.

I smile at random strangers, talk to them, get rides from them in their cars to get into the city. I practice yoga every morning at 5:30am.

I buy 90% organic foods and don’t overeat anymore.

And, with the most hesitation, I started growing out all my body hair last week. I have never actually seen my own armpit hair in my whole entire life, nor my leg hairs fully grown out. This was the final and biggest personal change I’ve decided to make. It still disgusts me, but I want to experience that disgust fully and get over it. Sorry guys.

I gave away all my shoes and all my bikini bottoms. I’ll be sporting the 50’s style swimsuits from now on.

And I’ve never been more joyful, peaceful, and content. Life as a hippie is good. :-D