After All

Even after everything that has recently been revealed to me
I struggle to grasp that we’re the headlining act
And even this admission
Puts me into a circular spiral
I’ve always wanted to share my own spotlight
Not content with being the varsity athlete
The valedictorian
The golden daughter
I got tired of the Christina show

So am I just now projecting
That surely humans can’t be the pinnacle of creation
Just because we think we are
Or just because it’s my struggle?
Though all the prophets told us we are

What if it really wasn’t just about us
And the heights we achieve

I have a hard time believing that we are more spiritual than a tree
Though I do think we’ve been given a more difficult spiritual challenge
But maybe not?
Even a tree will crush something with its roots just to survive
It will fall and kill anything it crashes on

We have evolved to pull more energy toward ourselves than is sustainable
So does that make us evil?
Should we come back to balance with mother earth?
Or should we ride this evolution to full hilt
Finding more and more energy to consume
Transforming more and more molecules
Traveling farther
Mastering siddhis
Disappearing at will and popping up in another corner of the universe

Is this just an infinite game?