Power Dynamics and the Danger of Passiveness

A wife is loyal to her husband, even though he beats her and abuses his children.

An employee is loyal to the company, even though the organization is failing and the cause of the problem is well-known.

A citizen is loyal to a leader, even though he is a tyrant who causes mass amounts of suffering.

Parenting methods reinforce people’s response to authority. OBEY vs. QUESTION. Therefore, proper parenting, that is, parenting a child as if that child would later be taken on by tyrannical parents, is in society’s best interest.

Proper parenting is like creating a constitution within a person’s mind that limits future destructive powers. It’s powerful :-) Coaches and mentors have opportunities to do what parents cannot for children in these departments as well.

We cannot afford, as a society, to become a nation of tyrants/bullies and passive loyalists.