The Awesomeness of Specificity (Explicit)

Just realized how marvelous it is that I have a friend I can call just to have phone sex with every so often. This is a very special situation that requires several factors to align: a previous hot physical relationship with enough spice and variety for some good content and connection, we know what the other likes and what turns them on. We haven’t seen each other in about 1.5 years (moved). He’s got a sexy voice, likes to talk a lot, and keeps a schedule that lines up pretty well with my needs. And neither one of us wants an in-person relationship with the other nor bothers the other person too frequently.

These are the kinds of expressive thoughts that probably prove I’m unsuitable for traditional marriage.

But! I think it’s really neat when someone can fit a specific need in your life so well. That takes a lot of investment, luck, acceptance of what works and what does not, etc., and ultimately is a thing of beauty and art. Yay.