Hair-pulling, nail-biting, and teeth-grinding connections

I’m super chatty tonight, but hopefully you’re out having fun and not paying much attention anyway. I had a half-caf latte earlier, that’s my excuse. Anyway…

One more addition to my “personal ticks theory of everything”:
~Biting nails means you’re having nagging thoughts (“Nag” likely from “gnaga”, meaning to┬ábite, gnaw)
~Pulling at your hair means you’re feeling frustrated (“I’m pulling my hair out!”)
~Grinding your teeth means you’re angry (“Gnashing of teeth”)

Ideas for dealing with these emotions? I welcome your thoughts too.

Dealing with nagging thoughts: take action about whatever is worrying you or reevaluate the control you have or don’t have over that situation. A thought should be like paperwork – let it pass through your hands/mind only once before you decide what to do about it!

Dealing with frustration: take action about whatever is bothering you, or find another way to expend your energy until you can take action

Dealing with anger: find out what is making you angry, find out why (i.e., what is important to you which is being compromised or threatened, and is it still important to you?), make a creative change either in yourself (the way you think about a situation or react to it), or in the world to deal with the problem so that things more closely align with your core values