Ideas and Orgasms

Here’s my list of ideas I don’t have time to pursue, in case you want one. No guarantees they don’t already exist though:

“Digital Estate”: a company that collects all your family’s digital photos and uses face recognition software to tag and label them into categories, and organizes/stores all your digital documents that will be family keepsakes.

“Health Ensurance”: a company that takes your monthly monies and gives you access to fitness memberships, all preventative care, healthy food stamps, vitamins, alternative health options, sleep trackers for lower rates, etc…

One-way Zip scooters (like ZipCars)

“Urban Farming Pots”: a company that will hook you up with your own organic veggie garden in pots/tubs, maybe will come by to maintain it for a small fee if needed and help you manage surplus/lack amongst your neighbors

“Political Living Room” a website where friends can gather to discuss current events/politics and rally behind common causes

TMI Warning:
And now for the orgasm portion. I announced several months back that I was setting a goal of orgasm within 5 minutes of sex. It was an ambitious goal at the time, but I believe it has been achieved (can’t say I was looking at a clock to be honest) within reason. Achieved sober but the breakthrough was crucially informed by an altered state of mind. It was truly an international effort and I’d like to acknowledge Northern California, England, and Italy natives for their respective contributions along the way. ;-) And Google, like this article. It’s true, kids, being in your 30s is awesome.