Expressing Energy

Ug. The cycles of diving in and staying out.
I still want to dive in and out at will
My will is strong and I need a flexible partner
A stable, dependable partner
Someone to make my ride smoother
I give it enough jolts on my own
How can I reconcile
Devouring and staying shallow?
Deep connection with total freedom?
My zero to sixty in 0.8 seconds?

Need more energy in MY work
Not in sorting out his girlfriends
He doesn’t understand that
Won’t see it from my side

How can I possibly feel balanced
Walking a tightrope
No net
First try

It’s too much to ask
Of this girl at this time
Let me find a new project
One that saps half my lust
Then I can feel more stable
More willing to engage
I’m a full rev engine and no wheels to spin

You’re not helping with the toothbrush
You won’t make the big changes
To accommodate my chaos
It’s too early in your opinion
Plus you like your life now
But it doesn’t work for me
In my state of non-productivity

So kindly hold your tongue
And stop being such a prick
And remember why you love me
When I tell you what I need
Even if you can’t provide it
Even if you don’t like what you hear.