Authenticity and ReStoking One’s Fire

Step One. Review Andrrea Hess’s Blog.

“We have to pick ONE way to let our prospects know we exist. Once they know we exist, we have to pick ONE way to invite them to be served by us.”

“Get in touch with your fear, and you’ll get back in touch with your passionate desire.”

Good stuff.

Step 2: Google Authenticity, Answer 5 Stock Questions to Find Your Authentic Self

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher, of the grade just below me. I wanted to be an archeologist, and look for things other people don’t see on the surface or have trouble finding, like dinosaur bones, or the Loch Ness Monster.

2. What makes you laugh?

I find botched social interactions really funny. I love comedy in general, the smarter the better. I think the point of this question was to find out what makes you happy and lighthearted…fail, haha.

If you’re asking what makes me happy…

…delicious food, a warm bed/shower, a lover to share my life with, babies/animals, mother nature, a good book, magazine, poem, art, achievement, respectful discourse where both parties leave learning and loving more.

3. What clothes do you feel comfortable in?

In high school I decided my dream job would be barefoot in a skirt. I’m also a fan of yoga pants/spandex so I can move my body in any direction it feels like.

4. What activities do you enjoy?

I love deciding to create something and then making it happen, and being resourceful – finding uses for things which appear useless, or making things work out. I love artistic creativity applied to tangible construction. I like art and museums and dancing. I enjoy writing. I love playing sports, being active, and hammer/discus throwing. I love being with things very different from me, and kind of studying them – my cat, babies, foreigners, people with disorders. I love talking about something I just learned. I enjoy studying/trying things that are taboo and coming to my own conclusions. I enjoy gathering friends for meals and parties. I like taking photographs. I like to study how large systems work, like the sciences of chemical engineering, or sociology, or religion, and then relating seemingly disparate things, and finding commonality. I love getting to know people very intimately, whether mentally, and/or physically. I enjoy being outside, especially when it’s warmer, and sunbathing. I love improving myself, studying languages, doing personal health experiments. I love researching things that spark my interest, and soaking up information. I love to help others and contribute to my community. I like organizing, rearranging, and redecorating, including spaces and my own appearance.

(I’m starting to feel like I’m creating an OK Cupid profile for my life, heh)

5. Who can you be yourself around?

I can be myself more easily around people that I feel love me unconditionally, of course. People who are stable and predictable. People who don’t have specific agendas and are open-minded. Non-competitive people (I’m quite competitive). Though I’m getting pretty good at just being me, I could always use more practice.

Well, maybe you know what this means, internet, because I sure don’t. I’m going to go throw a hammer a few dozen times now.