Beezus Christ, Super Car, Mutant Beehicle

After a long evening of discus and hammer throwing, I dragged myself out to a fundraiser in SF for a really cool Bee Art Car. So glad I did. The frame is underway, and it is going to be epic. Apparently this is Michelle’s idea. Not sure I met her. Great DJs, heavenly food.

BUT I did meet some other very chill peeps, just what I needed tonight. Leslie and Fe (sp?), Chris and Jaime. Just writing this down in case I do actually make it out to BM this year and wanna remember!

Realized while dancing, that I have a lot of energy. And that I am my father’s daughter. When my dad was out of work in the North Dakota winters, you did not want to be around him. He got set off very easily. He worked very hard construction labor, long hours, like a champ. I realize I need similar stimulation. I need to stay active. It is my nature. I tried doing yoga a few mornings ago and got an upset stomach and lashed out at someone in anger. I don’t need yoga right now. I need some serious activity.

Think I’m gonna head to Cal Berkeley soon and see if they have any ideas for me…I’m needing major mental as well as physical stimulation. I need study or work. Glad my love bought me hammer shoes, it’s a small piece of my energetic puzzle right now. xo