I've been learning the concept of ego & responsibility vs. total surrender to 'God' (and by God I mean the sum total of all things). It is said that you either claim responsibility for all that you accomplish in life, or you give credit to God. The second option works in your favor when things go poorly–'it was God's will; the universe has other plans for me.'

It makes me think of the artists that win awards and always dedicate them to God. I usually roll my eyes because most of these guys have such big egos that you know it is insincere.

However, it's an interesting concept of laying all your actions at God's feet: Do your best and let God do the rest.

I'm wondering if the same applies to randomness vs. God's Plan. Either everything is random or it is all part of God's Plan. My experience has made me feel that you do reap what you sow, and that you do get what you need in life (just not always what you want). So even though I love the concept of chaos and randomness, it seems like things are pretty well ordered sometimes. But that may just be the engineer in me trying to solve puzzles.

Enough thoughts for tonight…