My Offspring

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this, but I found out about a month ago that the couple that bought some eggs from me a while back found out they are pregnant! It took them 2 cycles to be successful. MY Mom and Dad were quite excited that they were going to be some kind of grandparents again!

It’s pretty wild to think that my DNA is growing in another woman’s stomach as we speak, and all the traits the biological mother (ME!) passes on are being passed on. Please send your thoughts and prayers this way for a safe pregnancy and healthy child…the parents are actually going to send me a picture of the baby once he/she is born. Wild times we live in.

I would do it again, but there is always a risk when you are injecting yourself with higher levels of hormones, not to mention infection risks of getting your ovaries pierced to extract the eggs. I wouldn’t want to screw up my OWN chances of delivering a child. On the other hand, who knows, these kids could likely be in better hands and homes than mine :) I don’t have any delusions that I would be a perfect parent, by any means. At least I know this one will be in good hands.

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16 years ago

Congratulations on being a pseudo new mommie! Best wishes to the new parents.