Steady Wisdom

There’s a phrase used to describe certain saints or yoga gurus, called “sage of steady wisdom.”

I figure there are many good reasons I’m not insanely rich or famous. I thought about this because a commercial just came on for the CMAs (Country Music Awards) with Carrie Underwood heavily featured. It makes me think about young people that are suddenly thrust into fame, and how they instantly become role models, ready or not.

I would much rather be ready. Any fool can have an opinion, and any fool can be famous or have a following. A good point was made on Bill Maher the other night that President Bush has a 24% approval rating, so no matter how the next election turns out, a quarter of the voting population are fools!

But seriously, how much better to have spent many, many years learning from others, and considering what is true and what is not, so that every word out of your mouth is uplifting and true. A sage of steady wisdom is the goal.