Day 4/30: No more glasses

Learned today:
-Already losing motivation

-Eye exercises still feel good/sore

-I’m getting better at doing eye circles with closed eyes. Today was the first day I actually felt my eyeballs moving around 360 degrees with closed eyes. Mastering a new talent! Ha

Went downtown to the Castro on Muni and everything was fine w/out glasses. Kinda freaked out a passenger doing my near/far focus eye exercises x100 on the bus (look at an ad near ceiling, then focus on store windows outside).

Still getting strain headaches that I have to just mentally relax my brow and eye muscles as they tend to strain naturally since things are all blurry. Objects appeared sharper today, but had to wear my glasses for an hour driving and dinner, and after they felt more blurry. Went out to clubs later tonight and everything looked quite fuzzy (no alcohol).

But, I will march on toward day 30. It’s difficult not getting perfect results after 4 days. Patience, child.