Day 5/30: No more glasses?

5/7 of a week down. Haven’t been doing my solarization exercises faithfully since the sun has been hiding in the mornings the past coupla days.

But all other exercises seem to be slightly starting to get easier. Still not sure how much vision, if any, I’ve recaptured. I have noticed, however, just how hard the body fights the change and creates tension near the eyes. I actually begin to see somewhat clearer when I relax this tension, remembering the admonition to always be comfortable and happy doing the exercises and/or being without glasses.

I’m trying to get my body to adapt to a correction-free way of being, and I think acceptance and not fighting against the body, rather relaxing and giving into that tension may very well be a ticket to the kind of miraculous health change the authors promised and I expect.

Since I am not seeing any obvious visual improvements, I’ve been working on giving my mind permission to see clearly without corrective lenses. I don’t allow it to strain and just keep attempting to focus on blurry objects without discomfort of any kind.

Onto Day 6!