Day 3/30: No more glasses

I feel like my eyes are slightly sharper today. I got a slight headache when putting my glasses on to drive. Eye exercises still revealed weakness in the upper eye muscles.

A couple different activities today: driving and going to a club without glasses/contacts. Driving was not as dangerous at night as I thought it could be. No I don’t recommend this, it’s illegal. Had to be less than 2 cars back from a street sign to read it, but saw all shapes and movements fine. Of course still missing all other people’s facial expressions, which could be important tertiary information when driving.

Going to a club blurry was fun/fine. Danced up on stage and enjoyed the fog and laser light shows through me.

Every once in a while I’d feel a slight brow headache come on then just relax the eyes and it’d go away.

Not yet convinced, not yet defeated…