WorldPay Sucks

2/8/12 Update:
WorldPay Sucks Much Less. A corporate customer service rep called me after finding this blog post, agreed I was treated unfairly, apologized, insisted this is not how WorldPay likes to do business, and credited me back my early termination fee. Woo-hoo! Thanks interwebs…

Original Post:
I learned a valuable lesson recently I wanted to share with you: Have a lawyer review EVERY contract you go into.

You see, Steve Agid of WorldPay managed to rope me into a 3-year contract without my knowledge. If I had just called my lawyers and had a full copy of the contract for them to review (he never offered me a copy), I could have prevented this unfortunate situation.

We met in person, and he sketched out on a yellow notepad the “details” of the WorldPay agreement. After later informing him that I was surprised and dismayed to learn of the 3-year contract, he swore that he always writes down and circles the length/term of the contract to prevent any misunderstandings (like “this”). Well, he simply didn’t write it down that day (picture attached). When I showed him these notepad scribbles (I keep everything) he chose to ignore my email.

He was previously made aware via email that my alternative credit processor was PayPal, which is a month-to-month service, and he was aware that my business venture was experimental in nature, therefore I never would have agreed to a 3-year term had I known that was his game. I definitely wouldn’t have agreed to a 3-year term with a 90-day notice to opt-out. The papers he drew up for me and had me sign did not mention a term anywhere, so I was lulled into thinking I was safely in a month-to-month contract. This was not the case. My lawyer later pointed out in retrospect that, by signing, I had “agreed” to the small print “terms and conditions”, which references another set of papers that were never presented to me in person, which contained the language about the 3-year contract & 90-day opt out. When I called in to cancel my “monthly” service I was told there would be a $450 fee for cancelling. This situation will cost me over $600 to get out of.

I should also have been cautious when he used subtle pressure tactics to get me to sign up for the service before I was ready to switch. Saying things over email like: “I waived your startup fees for July but it will be much harder to waive them in August”, etc. I trusted him because he was highly referred in BNI, and I understand the pressure of commission sales, but these should have been warning signs.

Whether this was a one-time guffaw or whether he does this on a serial basis I do not know, all I know is that he took my money happily and didn’t care whether I was a happy customer. The service did not adequately meet my needs so I opted to cancel, at which point I learned of the staggering opt-out fee and term length. I gave him a chance to explain, apologize and rectify the situation and he took the low road, accusing me not only of having a poor memory but then proceeded to totally fabricate a conversation which had me knowingly agreeing to the contract despite the risks I had been “informed” of.

This is just bad, short-term, profit-motive business at its worst.

Please consider taking your business elsewhere. At the least, please always use a lawyer and caution when entering any contracts based on someone’s pressure tactics and lack of professionalism in disclosing the entire contract and terms. Sadly, I would not be joining any group where Steve Agid nor WorldPay does business.

Christina McKinstry

Yellow pad attached

“Hi Christina

Any progress on the voided check or bank letter and a business license of any kind? I waived the two start-up fees ($125) for July. It will be harder for me to waive both ($50 and $75) in August. I need only to have all my paperwork submitted by tomorrow afternoon to get it secured.

Let me know
Steve Agid”

“Hi Steve, I attempted to close my account today but they told me I was on a 3-year contract with a $450 early termination fee. Is this true? If so, why wasn’t this disclosed to me up front? I never would have agreed to a 3-year contract.”

“Christina, you asked me about this when we met at the Sterling Branch. I always make a point of it just so as to avoid this kind of misunderstanding. I usually write it on a yellow pad and would have given it to you.

Most of the times when someone cancels early they say I never told them, even when I have circled it in front of them.

Steve Agid
Account Executive | San Francisco, CA | WorldPay”

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Asif N
11 years ago

Actually WorldPay is quite questionable. Their payment service might be OK, but their staff is unprofessional. They don’t respond, they try to cheat you into contracts (as you mentioned above) and just make business an obnoxious thing to do.

It’s sad, but true – atleast in the UK.