Pink and red glitter fills the air between me and the ocean
Its dark sky calm
It’s all washing away
All the crap they built
And their neat little rows
And I am so glad
Nature is winning
I need to believe
She is powerful
Who would I be?

2 thoughts on “Winning

  1. I think we should understand that we are part of nature too. With red glitters, a lot of us who probably have no direct role in the glitter are getting washed away. I am assuming you wrote it after Tsnumai and earth quake hit in Japan. I am not sure what it would take for the Big brothers of the world to realize that they need to care for mother nature. I am not sure if natural calamities is the way they are gonna get it. So, I only feel sad for the people who are getting washed away for no fault or very little fault of theirs.

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