I love catching up with old friends/acquaintances and telling my life story all over. It reminds me that as lost as I feel sometimes, I do seem to be on some kind of path that people recognize as heading toward some convergence of the life skills I have acquired. I am in yet another transitional phase, between business ownership and bankruptcy. Doing my last egg donation. The only constant is the coaching (thank God for some constants).

Living within a transition, I can't help feeling like I should be getting ahead of the game somehow. I've been applying for additional work on Craigslist, with the caveat that I want to have a good chunk of time "off" this summer to travel to Europe. With gas prices pushing up airfare, this is also a plan very much up-in-the-air. After looking at administrative assistant-type-gigs, tonight I went for a valet parking attendant opening. A job where I get to jog, drive a car, and get tips for being friendly seems right up my alley!

It is rather fun (when not terrifying) living in a total information void, wondering where God needs me next. I've observed that my opportunities all come from recycling my education, and I haven't gotten any formal education in a while! However, I've received plenty of informal education in running a business and how not to have a relationship nor a social life.

I feel like I've stumbled upon some insights into weight control as well lately, as an added bonus! Discipline seems to be key in not letting weight get out of control. For example, today I had a largeish late breakfast, then 1.5 hours it was "time" for lunch, so I had some (although not feeling hungry) and felt a "full" feeling, which I now recognize as detrimental. Two hours later my stomach "fullness" had decreased and I felt an urge to eat in order to feel "full" again. However, I was not hungry! So creating fullness sets up a level of eating that sustains excess calories. Having the discipline to avoid getting full is key to not messing up the rest of the day. Getting "full" is like spiking the blood sugar beyond a limit that the body can operate on. When it inevitably dips, a need for sugar is created again, and yet the body does not need the calories. What a game. So many independent internal partitions fighting for their own equilibrium! I chalked today up as a "fail." No more full feelings!