Too Sensitive

Apparently I missed Obama’s quip on Jay Leno. He made a self-depricating remark about his bowling skills, saying it was like Special Olympics. Of course, a bunch of parents of special olympics kids got pissed off.

But what would have been the poltically correct thing to say? "I bowled as if I had a physical handicap" or "I bowled as though I was disabled." If you look like a retarted person when you do something, why can’t you say the person looks retarted?

I think disabled people will always have to fight our instincts toward survival of the fittest. This is not unlike the gay’s fight to overcome our majority instincts reproduce sexually. We ought to be able to tease each other about our outer differences, knowing none of us deserves a better or worse body.

On the other hand it probably is inappropriate to single out any one group when you are the president. The only way you can get away with that kind of comedy is to make fun of everyone equally.

Unfortunately Obama has a lot of pride (Leo, like me) and it is hard for him not to be good at something. He just has to swallow his pride on this one.