Running a Business

I’ve been learning more things about running a business. It’s interesting in that a business is kind of like a small government. A set of procedures must be developed & refined. A justice system must be in place.

Running a business is also a huge responsibility. I can’t imagine wanting to be a CEO in charge of decisions that will affect tens of thousands of lives…especially in these times where you can get fired so that the company’s profit will go up, or your job could get outsourced to cheaper labor.

I do everything I can to make sure the people I work with are taken care of first and foremost before anything else in the business. I think companies are unethical when they treat people as if they are less important than the product being produced.

Anyone who gets fat while people below him or her in responsibility suffer for no deserved reason is a thief, and they will certainly reap their karma upon themselves and/or their children.