Too Little, Too Soon

I think the problem with our present attempt at health reform is that Obama is trying to pass a bill quickly without "changing the way Washington works," as he promised to do in his campaign. Health care can not be considered independently of lobbying reform, campaign finance reform, lawsuit reform, or immigration reform. Six months was far too ambitious considering the steps that are needed to restore trust and fairness in and among our legislators. Congress still has too many strings attached to competing interests. It is also not helpful that the debate rides on the tail of government bailouts of industry. Whether or not a public "option" is considered, haste will make waste unless we give fair time to all the interrelated issues that challenge the country’s progress. I applaud the President’s demand for action, but he must take the proper steps to really change how Washington works in order to avoid a stalemate. It seems the only items that move quickly anymore are one-man czar-type decisions, such as the bank bailout, the Iraq invasion, etc., which have not yet proven to be cost-effective nor wise. Our credit rating in the world rose short-term, but is falling long-term. I hope there exists a congressional steering committee which is responsible for shaping the intentions of legislation and is looking at priorities in the context of interdependencies.