From Darkness (86/365)

I don’t know what he sees in me
But I am so pleased that he sees it
I don’t know what creation sees in us
But I know I should be glad

What is our potential,
When we are in the world, not of it?
Can we be joyful always
Even in death, loss, sadness?

When we know how to stay alive
Educated enough to thrive
We control our evolution
Change your environment; change your line

The food you eat, the sounds you make
The amount of exposure to man’s folly
The world was spinning when you dropped in
All you control is you

What men have learned over the years
Is the Divine won’t let you down
Where men will fail and lose your trust
The higher powers still shine on

And though you play at human games
Designed for win and loss
Remember always how far you’ve come
From darkness, void, ashes and dust