Thoughts on Capitalism and Socialism in the USA

We have dual natures. We are self-serving, competitive Darwinian egoists, and we are community-dependent social animals.

Our government in the USA, the world’s newest experiment in freedom and democracy, reflects both of these natures.

FDR said: “Capitalism is where the greediest of men do the greediest of things, for the good of the people.”

But alongside capitalism, a game which comes naturally to our lower natures, we also support socialist systems, so that our collective wealth can feed back into the group as a whole to keep the society strong.

We collectively support a government through taxes, which funds schools, fire and police departments, unemployment and health services for the poor and elderly, builds roads, and provides incentives for families and businesses to make decisions which benefit the community. It does not do this perfectly.

Capitalism must be tempered by proper socialism if it is to survive long-term. Just as an individual human cannot act independently of his community without consequence, nor can businesses.

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Paul Makepeace
12 years ago

Biggest most successful US government org that’s a model for the rest of the world: FAA — totally funded by taxpayers!