PPL & BNI Networking: Food for Thought

I find it interesting as I go around San Francisco educating people about Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL), how many times I hear “Well, I am well-connected to enough lawyers, so I don’t need that. My lawyer friends will help me with any issue I have, no matter how small, and I rarely pay full price if at all.”

If this is you, then you already intuitively get why networking and services like PPL are so valuable.

PPL has created a network of lawyers who are willing to “help out” their “friends” in the network. “Trust” is created, not by weekly meetings and 1-on-1’s (both awesome things!), but by consistently paying small membership dues, and by submitting feedback to the law firms over the past 39 years about how well they are treating our clients.

Most people who join (and stay in) networking groups like BNI become quite well-connected in the local community. That’s the reason for joining. But how many people do you know are not as well-connected as you?

Your favorite BNI lawyer friends should be your first referrals, obviously. The trust is already there. But when you don’t have the right legal connection for your friends/family/clients in the city, or your lawyer can’t help your friends/family/clients with issues in other states around the country, think of the PPL network!

At $26/month for our basic plan ($17/month for our standard plan), getting connected to a lawyer is easy and affordable (and necessary) for every working American, and every small business (no-contract plans starting at $40.50/month).

Thanks for listening, and happy networking! Let’s get everyone connected!

Christina McKinstry
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