The Purpose of Life

28 years into my journey, I think I have finally figured out the purpose of life. Are you ready?

The purpose of life is to live.

There are 2 ways to live your life: Happily or unhappily. All the healing & spiritual traditions exist to give us hints on how to be happy.

Why be happy? Because happy people live longer and/or help others live long enough to reproduce or care for others.

Which brings me back to my original point that the purpose of life is life.

There seems to be no benefit in a joyful person seeking God. Only when a burden is laid upon a heart does a person feel the need to be uplifted.

So we must maintain a sense of humor about life. In 10,000 years no one has found a greater purpose in life than total selfless dedication to others’ happiness and well-being.

Some sages have disappeared into mountains and some have come down with ideas about peace, some with ideas about healing, some just stayed up there to purge their own demons completely and pray for the world.

I don’t believe anyone understands where we are at in the cycle of creation, much less what set the cycle in motion. At least I have not yet heard any complete, viable explanations.

I don’t believe my purpose in life is to choose between a winning or losing team to save my soul from infinite torture.
I don’t believe my purpose in life is to pay for all the mistakes of my past life and earn a bigger, better virtual reality character for my soul to inhabit on future journeys.

I think the best guideline for being a person is to pursue happiness and not infringe on other’s pursuits of happiness.

This is where leaders like Hitler and others got it wrong…They took a Machiavellian approach to just furthering life as they thought life should be furthered without promoting happiness. It is like the losing designer on Project Runway who is told their design lacks ‘Joy.’

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15 years ago

I believe this is our one chance at life and I think it is so sad that so many people spend the entire thing searching for what is the purpose. Just live your life one day at a time. If you spend all your energy searching for answers, you miss SO much along the way. Luv ya