The Next Conversation

No matter what your viewpoint, Proposition 8 in California has sparked some great discussion about sexuality, evolution, civil rights, education, race and religion. Here are a few of the things I’ve been hearing that I find particularly relevant or interesting:

*Condoning gay marriage is condoning the extinction of humans
–this is particularly fun hearing from people that believe in the rapture and don’t believe in evolution
–Lesbians still make babies all the time. Modern technology makes this very easy.

*Homosexuality is more taboo in the black community
–why is this? Assuming common knowledge is correct that black men are well-hung (scientific studies, anyone?) and physically superior in many athletic endeavors. So it is not surprising that a culture of great breeding potential would take offense to its own members deciding to put the key in the wrong hole, so to speak. Do you have a better explanation?

*Polygamy and homosexuality are both taboo. –Random Fact: Polygamy limits poor people’s reproductive/marriage chances as richer men can support more wives.
–We already have a form of polygamy as an institute in this country: It’s called divorce and child support. It allows a man to have multiple children by multiple wives. And that doesn’t bother me any. It would be better if it was just pure polygamy though, then the children wouldn’t be separated from their parents as much. I realize this is pretty radical for most people to swallow.

I think gay people want and deserve acknowledgement that they aren’t going away regardless of how people vote. Yes, they are a minority, always have been and probably always will be. I do believe some people are gay by circumstance & choice (there is plenty of evidence for distortion of attraction due to sexual abuse or other forms of abuse, or even manipulation by the parents around the age of gender identity formation, where parents choose to blur or cross gender lines when relating to their child ). In the sense of abuse or manipulation, you could actually see homosexuality as a survival mechanism for certain people, who have learned that the opposite sex is not to be trusted or interacted with, or that they are rewarded with life-sustaining love for acting more masculine or feminine. As for the other percentage of homosexuals (I’m going to guess it is around 60 percent of gays which are truly genetically predispositioned NOT to be attracted to members of the same sex), you have to be naive or ignorant to look past these people’s natural instincts. Everyone has a cousin, aunt, or uncle that CLEARLY does not fit the heterosexual norm. Admittedly, some gays are less easy to spot.