Soulmate Test

This kinda seemed like good advice:

“Well, if you are missing any of the following points, then it’s possible you haven’t found your true soul mate yet, although you might be perfectly happy with the person you are with. (Assuming you are already a couple…)

If you find yourself gazing at the person you have chosen and realize that absolutely nothing about their physical appearance jars in any way, their ears aren’t too small, that hint of a bald spot doesn’t send you screaming in the other direction, the way they walk doesn’t make you feel like a zoo-keeper, or their profile, showing a beautiful roman nose sitting prominently over a rapidly receding chin doesn’t inspire you to buy a gift certificate for a plastic surgeon, then you might possibly be looking at your soul mate.

When you realize this person inspires you to improve yourself, encourages you to reach for goals you previously thought beyond your capabilities, fosters a sense of self worth, or helps you to overcome obstacles so you can fulfil your expectations and not theirs, then you might be looking at your soul mate.

When you find comfort in their presence, not their absence, are treated with the respect that each one of us rightly deserves, have the freedom and safety to do your own thing without reprisal, and if they accept your gestures or overtures of affection with love and warmth instead of impatience or disdain, then you might be looking at your soul mate.”