Round 2 – Integral Love

The universe just swallowed my last comments about God, so I will attempt now to recreate what I was just thinking about!

I do not believe in a universe of karmic retribution. I believe in cause and effect, but it makes no sense to me that in all the universe, you would end up back on this tiny blue planet paying for things you did in a different body case. That would seem to me to be scientifically improbable. I realize this is contrary to many wise-people’s ideas about soul’s journeys and purposes and what-not.

I do believe that horrific evil can exist in a Universe made of Love. I do not believe we are justified in creating evil conditions nor supporting them, as that is contrary to the innate laws of social support for life and health of the species. HOWEVER, terrible evil and injustice can and must exist when God has fractionated him/itself. It brings to light infinite good and justice, and most people recognize we live an existence of duality.

It has been said that God is Love. I think actually that God is the mathematical infinite integral of Love. I heard romantic love once very well described as an “indescribable connection and communication of respect, adoration, sensuality and peace.” This to me sounds like a longing for unity, which makes sense if we are separate objects yearning for a once-existing (still existing) unity. God therefore is not some purveyor of justice, but an ultimate unity. Love then, is something you can only experience when you are separate from your lover. It demands an object. God is experiencing him/itself by fractioning into myriad forms.

These are actually pretty new thoughts so I will give them time for scrutiny and to mellow before going much further.

Thanks to Ajit for inspiring a deeper probing…

3 thoughts on “Round 2 – Integral Love

  1. I agree to the duality and your friend Kirsten has put it very beautifully on her blog referring to it as Polarity. But none of these entail a God with intelligence and making choices for us. I can pursue something as God if he is mathematical integral of love ( I loved this btw ) because then he is a state of being rather than a controlling being.

    Btw did you go the sweets meetup today? I wanted to go but my back suggested otherwise. I have a sweet tooth and missing all the yummy sweets of India :(

  2. Yes, I never could really relate to a human-inspired version of God with so-called intelligence.

    I wanted to go to the sweets and games thing too! But was busy working on another website for a friend…

  3. Definitely doing the beach bonfire though and hopefully the "other people's views" thingy!

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