More Thoughts

Sacred Steve also brought up the concept of forgiveness as an incredibly powerful force which enables the forgiver to heal and keep love flowing.

I also loved his exercise of touching the heart and abdomen, while concentrating on the right knee, left elbow, center of skull, etc., looking/feeling for where your source of “soul” is. Where your true being is located. For me it was felt at the heart level.

He said the greatest source of evil in the world is your wrong identifications. The mind starts working from a young age to create structures and patterns in which the ego/body feels “safe.” It constructs a fortress that later can block love from flowing between people. This is why the work of opening the heart is so important in our society.

People can get very lost in their minds and must turn to insane asylums, religion, happiness clubs in order to escape the feeling that life is meaningless and that they are lost in these bodies. It’s a good thing they do. And we need to reconnect people with their hearts and their inner sources of God, infinity and love.

Sacred Steve talked about 3 things which make up the physical universe, and I’ll have to catch up with him to spell out what they are again. Basically, there is a web-like structure, free-floating particles, and love!